Sports Sinagpore (Nila)

Challenge presented in the project.

Our client has expressed a desire to depict the iconic Nila mascot in 40 distinct sports poses for the SEA Games. However, a significant challenge presents itself in that the current Nila design does not readily accommodate such a request due to the limitations of its arms and legs.

Further exacerbating the matter is the lack of turn tables to showcase the various angles and positions required for this undertaking, resulting in a noticeable absence of vital visual data.

Moreover, it is essential to note that each sports pose must undergo scrutiny and receive approval from the respective sporting council to ensure its compliance with the event’s standards.

Despite these challenges, our creative agency is dedicated to achieving our client’s vision and surpassing their expectations. We are committed to developing innovative solutions and leveraging our expertise to deliver an exceptional mascot design that captures the spirit and energy of the SEA Games.

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

Our agency understands that in order to execute a successful project, a meticulous approach is paramount.

Firstly, we will undertake the task of redesigning the Nila mascot, ensuring that every single feature can be viewed clearly via a 360 turntable. A comprehensive Nila model sheet will also be created to align stakeholder expectations. Once our client has approved these crucial elements, we will move on to the redesign and posing of Nila in his respective sports poses.

It should be noted that the initial Nila mascot design posed a challenge, with the arms and legs being too short for certain sport poses. Our team will work creatively to ensure that Nila’s limbs appear natural and proportional, without sacrificing the initial appeal of the mascot. Achieving this delicate balance is a difficult task, but our agency is up to the challenge.

Finally, it is imperative to obtain the approval of the 40 respective sports agencies for their specific sports. Each agency has unique views and requirements, and our agency will work diligently to accommodate these requests. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in the successful delivery of a magnificent project, with all stakeholders expressing immense satisfaction with the results.


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