About Us

Mascot and Branding Activation since 2005

Animagine is a creative consultancy specialising in the Branding 3.0 revolution to future proof your brand for effective results.

We are the one-stop solution to taking your company’s brand to the next level with a Mascot and Character branding strategy with 360 storytelling for engagement and reach in the evolving and competitive social driven media space.

As a Web 3.0 media company, we also leverage the rapid growth of the NFT community’s investors, collectors, and consumers. We increase visibility, thus opening a whole new world in which your products and services can benefit and retain your audience.

Our skill sets span multiple mediums and modalities.

Animation, video, web, print, mobile, physical events, VR/AR; the work we do with you is based on a strategy that is centred on the true needs of your organisation.

Animagine has 18 years of experience in creative consultancy.

Our team comprises experienced entrepreneurs, storytellers, artists and technologists in both Web2 and Web3 realms.



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