Essentially, a brand mascot is a humanised character that represents, and reinforces, a brand’s personality in its marketing

Personifying your brand and build a community of advocates.

Regardless of the form they take––a person, an animal, or an animated object––brand mascots carry personalities that people recognize in themselves or others so that people can identify with and relate to them. This allows people to create lasting connections with your mascot, and by extension, your company. 

Mascot brand nodding builds your brand’s relationship with everyone––the people who already know and love you (the loyal fanbase), the people who know you but don’t understand you (potential customers), and the people who don’t know you but recognize your mascot (the average consumer). The mascot connects your brand to the world and allows them to envision how your products and services have a place in their life.

The average person might view the mascot simply as an image, without realising that they are already establishing an understanding with your brand beyond what meets the eye.

Statistics have shown that mascots are more effective than celebrity endorsers when it comes to connecting with the audience, and it’s a great way to save costs! Unlike celebrity endorsements, a mascot is a one-time expense. Once you create your mascot with us, it is yours and only yours, forever. Better than celebrities; they don’t age or retire, they don’t get themselves into embarrassing situations that can hurt your brand by extension, and they don’t get poached by industry rivals.

Successful mascots have been expanded into storybooks, activity books, TV series, games and so much more. Some have even come to life with physical mascots (someone in a suit at roadshows), having their own social media accounts, and even motion-capture virtual avatars to interact with fans online. The possibilities of keeping your brand visible at all times are endless.

Discover our impressive mascot portfolio and witness firsthand how we have successfully tackled diverse design challenges in collaboration with our valued clients.

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