Intellectual Property

As a creative agency, owning our own intellectual property is essential for several reasons especially from a long term point of view. 

Firstly, it allows us to retain control over our creations and the way they are used, ensuring that they are always aligned with our values and objectives. 

This is particularly important in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, where ideas can be easily replicated or stolen.

Secondly, owning our own intellectual property enables us to generate additional residual revenue streams through licensing and merchandising, creating opportunities for growth and expansion. 

It also provides a valuable asset that can be leveraged to attract investors or potential partners.

Lastly, owning our own intellectual property establishes us as thought leaders and innovators in our industry, contributing to our overall reputation and brand recognition. 

CubeMelt is our flagship endeavour. It is about a melting ice cube that lives life to the fullest. Visit us at

The film script “Journey to the East” is currently in the planning stages of development as a full-length animated feature, along with other transmedia engagements. Animagine is actively seeking potential investors and collaborative partners through various means and platforms.

Check out our Co-Founder Joshua’s presentation pitch.

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