NKF (Interactive & Immersive Media Bus)

Challenge presented in the project.

Our client has expressed a need to revitalize both their big and mini buses to resonate with the present-day student demographic. Our task entails reimagining both the design and user experience to render a highly immersive journey for their target audience. The challenge at hand is to develop more character mascots effectively while simultaneously weaving in their corporate message of “Giving Hope.”

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

Significant time and effort are dedicated to the crucial initial stages of discussion and brainstorming to develop a robust concept.

The primary school bus features a boy-girl team, accompanied by two kidney mascots – a female and a male version, who educate children about kidney health. The bus is designed like a futuristic spaceship, transporting children to an exciting mission of interactive games and spots that we’ve thoughtfully designed and developed.

Our primary goal is to educate young students on prevention and awareness of kidney disease, and we’ve achieved this by creating a stimulating and immersive experience aboard the bus. We’ve also created a secondary school mini bus, which doubles as a chill spot with a café-inspired design and interactive AR arcade spot. The aim is to promote relaxation while imparting essential knowledge on kidney health.

To ensure consistency in art direction, we’ve aligned the mascot characters’ design and overall bus themes. Our team worked meticulously to develop interior and exterior bus wrap designs that encapsulate the respective themes.

Stickers application, both inside and out, is a time-consuming process, and our team had to ensure they were placed correctly. Numerous touch-ups were also required to ensure a perfect fit.

As a leading creative agency, we’re incredibly proud of our innovative approach and ability to make a positive impact on young minds through design and technology.

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  • ClientThe National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Singapore

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