Canberra Community Club

Challenge presented in the project.

Our client embarked on a quest for the embodiment of Camberra Community Centre’s essence through a distinct character. A pivotal requirement was to meticulously craft this character into a tangible, walking human puppet, embracing the future potential of a physical presence.

Crucially, the envisaged mascot is destined to sport the revered attire of the club, seamlessly integrating with its spirit. This symbiotic fusion between character and uniform will undoubtedly mirror the indelible bond shared between Camberra Community Centre and its devoted members.

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

Commencing our creative journey, our foremost endeavor involves delving into a profound comprehension of the client’s cherished values and core principles. This foundational step lays the bedrock for our collaborative process.

Subsequently, an exhaustive exploration ensues, wherein we meticulously sift through a myriad of animal possibilities that align with the client’s vision. This exhaustive research phase ensures that every avenue is thoroughly explored, allowing us to unveil the most fitting symbol – the bear – as the embodiment of their brand.

As the bear emerges triumphant, our focus shifts toward presenting a range of distinctive illustrative styles that harmonize with the client’s aspirations. This comprehensive array serves as a visual buffet from which the client may select the style that resonates most powerfully with their narrative.

With the chosen style solidified, we embark on the creation of the pivotal character. This entails meticulously crafting the principal pose, seamlessly adorned in the club’s uniform – a potent symbol of unity and identity. Once this embodiment garners client approval, we transition seamlessly to crafting an additional quartet of dynamic poses, each breathing life into the mascot’s captivating persona.

In essence, our holistic creative approach is underpinned by a fervent dedication to both artistry and precision, as we navigate the path from concept to manifestation, etching the bear mascot into the heart of the Camberra Community Centre’s identity.


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