River Safari (Kai Kai Jia Jia)

Challenge presented in the project.

Our client has provided us with a specific artistic direction, minimizing the room for exploratory design.

The mandate requires us to create mascots that can effectively convey a wide range of emotions and poses, ensuring that the characters remain versatile and dynamic.

In addition, our agency has been entrusted with the creation of a picture book, including the design of the world in which the characters reside. As such, we have assumed the responsibility of establishing a cohesive visual identity for the characters, including a comprehensive style guide.

This will enable future productions based on these characters to follow the established art direction with ease and consistency.

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

Our creative process commenced with a thorough research phase focused on pandas, ensuring that we fully understood the client’s desired artistic style. Our team then produced a series of sketches to validate and refine our approach before progressing to full-color illustrations.

The world-building and background design were developed in tandem with the mascot character art style, ensuring a cohesive and immersive visual experience. To facilitate seamless integration of text with visuals, our team meticulously designed the layouts for the various pages of the picture book, placing emphasis on visual placement and readability.

To ensure a consistent representation of the characters and their world in future productions, our team meticulously crafted a comprehensive style guide, featuring clear instructions to avoid any misinterpretations or misrepresentations.

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