Mr Bean

Challenge presented in the project.

Our esteemed client has expressed a desire to create two animated E-greetings cards featuring their iconic Mr. Bean mascot.

However, the current design of the mascot is not optimized for animation, and there are currently no assets available to effectively convey the desired festive mood for occasions such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

At Animagine, we fully understand the concerns of our valued client as this is their inaugural foray into such a project, and understandably, uncertainty about the outcome can arise.

We take pride in informing our clients that they can rest assured, as our team of seasoned professionals will spare no effort in bringing their vision to life. The first step is to re-illustrate the mascot and transform it into an asset that is conducive for animation.

Our next step is to devise a meticulously planned storyboard that is timed to 30 seconds, keeping in mind the requirements of the project.

We will then conceptualize a compelling storyline for the animation and present it to the client for approval.

Finally, we will breathe life into the iconic Mr Bean mascot through the art of 2D animation, which will culminate in the creation of memorable and engaging E-greetings cards that will leave a lasting impression on their audience. Our team at Animagine will ensure that the end product surpasses the client’s expectations and resonates with their target audience.


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