Cow and Gate

Challenge presented in the project.

Our client, a prominent player in the dairy industry, expressed a need to establish a unique identity by incorporating a mascot into their branding strategy.

Given the prevalence of cow mascots in the market, the client sought a range of original and unique designs for them to choose so that the chosen one would set them apart from their competitors.

It is imperative that the chosen mascot is in line with the overall branding of the company and seamlessly integrates with their marketing efforts. To that end, our team has been tasked with developing a visually stunning and attention-grabbing mascot design that capture the essence of the client’s brand.

How did we solve the challenge with the client?

Our creative team engaged in extensive research to curate an array of compelling cow illustrations, analyzing each design to ensure it met the client’s exacting standards. Then we presented three initial sketches to the client, providing a comprehensive explanation of the thought process behind each proposed design.

Following a thorough review and selection process, the client chose two designs to proceed with, which were then expertly rendered and illustrated to produce the final outcome. Our team took great care to ensure that the final designs were visually striking and effectively communicated the essence of the client’s brand.

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